Boys will be Boys

A little late but happy birthday to Jaron and Ethan who turned three last month!  Some pictures of them and their adventures.

Ethan being cool – wearing dad’s glasses while eating his otter pop!  Can’t stop at one – he insists on two otter pops for his treat

I believe it’s now a tradition that Jen makes cakes for the kid’s bday.  The boys love the Aristocats movie so here’s cake #1

All grown up – Jaron before his first day at school!  Can you believe that they are in preschool now?  Crazy!

The boys love their mommy – hanging out on the porch watching the sunset one night.

Talk about torture – the kids made ghosts made out of marshmallows. . . Ethan didn’t understand why he couldn’t eat them all!  I love his expression

A preview for Halloween – Ethan LOVES his Thomas costume.  Now to get a picture with Jaron also wearing his . . . . .


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2 Responses to Boys will be Boys

  1. Meaja says:

    Your boys are so big and handsome! Happy belated bday boys! We need to come down and visit with you guys since your back “home”! Jen, you look so pretty with your boys on the swing.

  2. Emily says:

    Who wouldn’t love their mom! Talented…beautiful…kind…

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